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Membership of the Association is open to all sports journalists, broadcasters, writers and photographers domiciled in New Zealand and publishing their material through printed or electronic mediums.

A committee is elected at the AGM each June to guide the Association’s activities. Current members:

Chair: Richard Becht
Secretary: Rob Crabtree
Treasurer: Murray McKinnon
Committee: Armin Lindenberg, Margot Butcher, Michael Burgess, Michelle Pickles, Phil Gifford, Paul Lewis,


The NZSJA is officially acknowledged as affiliated to the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) and Kiwi sports journalists can apply for AIPS cards when seeking accreditation for attending overseas sports events.

Sir Terry McLean National Sports Journalism Awards Honours Board (December 2016)

NZSJA Life Members

Graeme Jenkins Roy Williams Bill Francis
Peter Sellers* Peter Bush John Brooks
Ray Cody* Alan Richards* PJ (Pete) Montgomery
Rob Crabtree Tony Ciprian Barry Holland
TP McLean* Bob Fox Colin Snedden*
Iain Gallaway Lindsay Knight Armin Lindenberg
Don Cameron* Brendan Telfer Terry Maddaford
Bob Howitt Phil Gifford Ross Setford
Alex Veysey Ron Palenski Paul Estcourt
Brian Doherty* Peter Williams Kevin Cameron
Keith Quinn Brent Edwards Ivan Agnew
Hedley Mortlock* Ross Land Grant Nisbett
Paul Lewis Graham Veitch Richard Becht
Allan McLaughlin John Selkirk Margot Butcher
Wynne Gray  David Leggat Suzanne McFadden


NZSJA Sports Journalists of the Year

1980 Jim Wallace 1999 Wynne Gray 2013 Paul Lewis
1981 Warwick Roger 2000 Marc Hinton 2014 Dylan Cleaver
1982 John Howson 2001 Andrew Cornaga 2015 Andrew Cornaga
1983 John Brooks 2002 Marc Hinton 2016 Dylan Cleaver
1984 Peter Montgomery 2003 Brent Edwards  2017 Liam Napier
1985 Armin Lindenberg 2004 Margot Butcher    
1986 Bob Howitt 2005 Dylan Cleaver    
1987 Ron Palenski 2006 Andrew Saville    
1988 Keith Quinn 2007 Tony Smith    
1989 Ross Setford 2008 Eric Young    
1990 Phil Reid 2009 Phil Walter/Michael Holland    
1991 Phil Gifford/Bryan Waddle 2010 Brook Sabin    
1992 Andrew Cornaga 2011 Margot Butcher    
1993 Phil Gifford 2012 Dana Johnannsen    


Garry Frew Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to
Provincial Sports Journalism

2000 John Heikel (Gisborne)
2001 Murray Hills (Taranaki)
2002 Peter Lampp (Palmerston North)
2003 Evan Pegden (Hamilton)
2004 Russell Williamson (Napier)
2005 Kevin Hart (Hamilton)
2006 Barry Harcourt (Invercargill)
2007 Phil Quinney (New Plymouth)
2008 John Alexander (Marlborough)
2009 Wayne Martin (Nelson)
2010 David Ogilvie (Wanganui)
2011 Phil Stephens (Hawkes Bay)
2012 Ian Anderson (Waikato)
2013 Terry O'Neill (North Otago)
2014 Anendra Singh (Hawkes Bay)
2015 Andrew Love (Tauranga)
2016 Brian Kelly (Bay of Plenty)
2017 Lindsay Kerr (North Canterbury)


Sport New Zealand Lifetime Contribution to
Sport through Journalism Award

   1995    Iain Gallaway
   1996    David (DOC) Williams
   1997    DJ Cameron
   1998    Peter J Bush
   1999    John Phillips
   2000    Alex Veysey
   2001    Sir Terry McLean
   2002    Keith Quinn        
   2003    Peter J Montgomery
   2004    Ron Palenski
   2005    Lindsay Knight
   2006    Alan Richards
   2007    Brendan Telfer
   2008    Bob Howitt
   2009    Bill Francis
   2010    Phil Gifford
   2011    Grant Nisbett
   2012    Roy Williams
   2013    Gary Ahern
   2014    John McBeth
   2015    Wynne Gray
   2016    Lesley Murdoch
   2017    Bryan Waddle

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